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FY16 WC Family Connection Brochure

Kids Count Data


Wayne County Family Connection


"Where Our Community Comes Together"


"We come together to discuss our visions for our county, assess the needs in our communities, then decide how our organizations can best work together to meet those needs"

What is Georgia Family Connection?

Georgia Family Connection is the only statewide network in the country dedicated to the health and well-being of families and communities. We empower communities in 159 counties to craft local solutions based on local decisions.

BOARD MEMBERS for FY 19 / 20: 

Ted Buford: Chairperson, John Benner: Chief Financial Officer, Kimbra Benson: Secretary, Brian Simmons: Fiscal Agent, Susan DeLeGal: Co-Chair, Chad Swanson, Syreeta Doomes, Hannah Evors, Margaret Jacobs, Iman Johnson,  Casey Nichols, Helen Raczkowski, Drew Davis, Sandra Bethea, Kimberly Boyd, Tempie Anderson  


The Wayne County Family Connection Collaborative is focused on maintaining a close relationship with its partners through supporting our, schools, civic organizations, and our community. 


The Wayne County Family Connection Collaborative will work to engage with our partners in order to improve school success.  

To Document and Monitor Progress:

The Wayne County Family Connection Collaborative will monitor the increase of' partnerships with charitable and civic organization, local business owners, health care providers and the Wayne County School System member participation in functions and activities, the Self-Assessment, Partner Engagement Matrix, and the Collaborative Vitality Survey.  The process and progress will be documented during the monthly collaborative meetings and reflected in the minutes, in addition to a review of Kids Count data as well as the local data received from the various agencies indicated above.  We will monitor the effectiveness of our communications and local publicity in order to increase school success.  


We connect our partners to the resources they need, we help coordinate and manage efforts, and we empower our communities to craft local solutions based on local decisions. One of the ways we do that is by linking communities to the latest research and information about best practices for collaborating and improving the well-being of children and families, and about state- and local-level policies that affect Georgia’s communities.


Lana Wright, Executive Director


367 Bamboo
Jesup, GA 31545


Public Relations

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Wayne County Family Connection invites area service providers and community leaders to write columns for weekly publication in The Press Sentinel. If you provide a service or have information you feel would be helpful to Wayne County citizens and would like to submit copy for publication please call our office at 912-385-2057 or email our office at


Community Calendar

Indicators and Needs

Child and Family Indicators:


Data Source

3rd grade students achieving Developing Learner or above on Milestones ELA assessment [CS8a]

Georgia Kids Count

5th grade students achieving Developing Learner or above on Milestones ELA assessment [CS9a]

Georgia Kids Count


Collaborative Needs:


Increase media releases identifying community problems/issues

Increase active participation in collaborative from all sector of the community


Collaborative Indicators:


Data Source

Increased media releases; including media releases, emails, Face Book

Data from Meeting Minutes, Facebook Analytics

Increased diversity of active and engaged collaborative members

Meeting Sign-In Sheets/Partner Engagement Matrix


KIDS COUNT is a state and national effort to track the well-being of children. Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT informs local, state, and national discussions concerning ways to secure a brighter future for all children. By providing high-quality data and analyses, KIDS COUNT raises the visibility of children’s issues through a non-partisan, evidence-based lens.

Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP)—the state’s designated KIDS COUNT grantee—compiles current, reliable data on child and family well-being in each of our state’s 159 counties. Georgia KIDS COUNT, a GaFCP project, reports year-to-year data highlights, trends, and disparities on child well-being to inform planning, budget, and policy decisions regarding priorities, services, and resources that affect children, families, and communities in our state.

Georgia tracks 50 Indicators of Child Well-Being in five result areas that support our vision for a Georgia where all children are healthy, primed for school, and succeed when they get there; that all families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and that every community is vibrant, robust, and thriving.


Meet Lana Wright, Executive Director

     Lana Wright moved to Wayne County in 1957, as her father accepted a position at Rayonier.  She attend school in Wayne County and graduated from Wayne County High in 1971, soon after graduation she accepted a position at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

    Wright is a graduate of the Army Management College. Wright has held several position during her tenure a Fort Stewart, those achievements included, working as a Department of Army Civilian at Fort Stewart, Georgia, from November 1971 to February 2010 when she retired, Clerk of the U.S. Magistrate Court for the Staff Judge Advocate, Chief of the Strategic Planning, Operations, Training and Resource Division for the Director of Emergency Services, and Assistant Deputy Director of Emergency Services. 

     Wright culminated her career by accepting a position as the Team Leader for the Strategic Planning and Integration Division of the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office. Wright has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Collaboration, Facilitation of Large Groups and Monitored, Managed, Strategic Performance Objectives, Measurements and Actions to ensure the on time execution of Strategic Plans.

     In addition, for several years, she wrote and submitted to the Department of Army, an Organization Self Assessment utilizing the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Improvement, for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.  The assessment represented the actions, as a whole, of the entire military community ranging from Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus and Engagement, Measurement, Workforce Focus, Operational Focus, and Results, to ensure that all soldiers received the best Training and Maintenance, and that they were Readiness level was 100%, and that their family’s Well Being was priority. 

     The results of her efforts allowed Fort Stewart to be considered and selected for the Outstanding Army Installation in the Army.  This process was executed annually, and Fort Stewart was selected for five consecutive years prior to her retirement. 

      Malcom Baldrige Examiner, holds a Green and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma, and served as the Deputy Deployment Director for the Lean Six Sigma Program at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

      Wright is also involved in mission work, as she travels to Haiti once a year to work in an orphanage, assisting with medical clinics, constructing churches and other facilities. She enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, spending time with her grandchildren.  Wright is married to Keith Wright of Jesup, they have 2 children Patrick and Rachel and they have 5 grandchildren. 

     “I have lived in Wayne County since 1957, and in 1971, began my career as a Department of Army Civilian Employee.   I didn’t get to be involved in many activities of my community, as my work kept me from many of those opportunities.  Now, I am very excited to have been selected as the Executive Director of Family Connection and this position will allow me to give back to my community, the support that was given to me all my life,” Wright says.